The basic areas of the company’s business activities include:

  • Design and rendering the services of architectural planning in the course of development of different projects as well consulting on the issues connected with aforementioned spheres of activity;
  • Services for enterprises and the natural persons who want to acquire or sell, rent or lease real estate;
  • Agency services for investments in large and average real estate objects;
  • Detailed market researches and the analysis of individual objects – on request of a customer, in a certain market segment or location;
  • Legal and financial assistance, rendered together with partners, at the stage of preparation for the realisation of a real estate transaction;
  • Company makes every effort to provide its customers with maximally reliable legal decisions and investments in real estate.
  • Our purpose is to provide customers with a full service package: starting from the acquisition of ground areas or buildings and ending by planning the territories and designing the buildings.
  • The tasks mentioned are being successfully realized due to the efforts of a small and effectively working team of professionals.